Jane lived more life in her short thirty-one years than most of us do in eighty years. Her mind was full of vision, creativity, and passion. She knew exactly what she wanted, and she didn’t let anything stop her from chasing it. Jane’s love for Jesus motivated her dreams and held her together at every turn, especially when life got tough.

At nineteen years old, Jane moved to Lynchburg, VA to attend Liberty University. It was here that she expanded her capacity and vision for her musical pursuits. She always had a humble sense of greatness about her, as if she knew she would change the world one day. At the age of twenty-four, Jane moved to Nashville, where she expected to find priceless connections and endless inspiration to constitute her creativity into a career. During this time, Janeidentified her writing style anddiscovered her unique sound. As she moved forward with her newfound inspiration, she received news that no one saw coming: a diagnosis of breast cancer. Three years came and went, along with multiple remissions and diagnoses. With a three-month life expectancy and a desperate effort to beat the odds, Jane chased a healing miracle at a cancer clinic in Southern California in February 2020. 

Jane did, in fact, catch that miracle.

God was gracious and she lived almost two years longer than she was supposed to. In doing so, she also caught something entirely unexpected. In autumn of 2020, Jane was contacted with an offer from America’s Got Talent to audition for the upcoming season in 2021. With cancer still holding onto her lungs, she didn’t know if she would be able to sing well, but she took the chance and said yes. On June 8th, 2021, Jane’s life and the lives of millions around the world changed forever. For the audition, Jane sang an original song about her life’s journey called “It’s OK,” and won the hearts of the AGT judges as she received Simon Cowell’s golden buzzer. Her song quickly hit the charts and her social media pages flooded with followers and fans, sharing their stories of how “It’s OK” touched their lives.

Ambitious and excited, Jane began to plan her career, write more songs, and dream of all the things she would accomplish in the coming years. As strong as Jane’s mind was, the grasp of cancer was too strong for her body to overcome. She dropped out of the AGT competition and passed away on February 21, 2022. Jane’s life feels like it ended abruptly, right in the middle of a sentence, leaving goals unfinished and aspirations unchased - but Jane fulfilled her lifelong dream.

Jane fulfilled her purpose. She touched the world and changed it for the better, and her story is far from over. Although she is not physically present to chase down her dreams, she left a lasting legacy of hope in Jesus that cannot be laid to rest. Jane’s music is still being released, and her spirit is still impacting the lives of souls around the world. 

Today her legacy and message of hope strength, and courage for all those going through their own hardships lives on through her music and love for fashion. Her memory lives on through her family, her loved ones, her team and every fan along the way that has had their heart touched in one way or another by Jane.